The Olivet Cemetery was founded circa 1879 and exists for the interment of deceased loved ones of the Olivet Presbyterian Church and community.  Located directly behind the church sanctuary, its proximity provides an excellent location for rituals and care that honor deceased loved ones.

Olivet Church was founded in 1880.  It had its beginning in the "Harmony Meeting House," which was situated about two city blocks from the present location of Olivet  Church.  A deed, recorded in the year 1844, indicates that the Meeting House was to be used by the people of every faith, "the trustees seeing that justice is done in every particular to all parties."

The new congregation continued to meet in at Harmony until January 10, 1887, when the building was destroyed by fire.  Five days later, the Presbyterians appointed a committee to solicit funds for a new building.  In 1889, the present building, the sanctuary of Olivet, was completed.